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July 2023 Glossy


… Christy Bonfiglio is an absolute pleasure. She lights up every room. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Christy since she was in early high school. She has always been a remarkable young lady and I was excited when she submitted a short story for us to publish in our very first issue of Oklahoma WIT Magazine.

She is such a leader that it’s no surprise that she’s leading a classroom full of students as a special education teacher for the lower elementary grades. She’s not afraid to be goofy and loves to help find what makes others shine. I can only imagine that a fulfilled learning day in her classroom has her students grinning from ear to ear. She brings her best skills to her career every day as a great listener, and loves collaborating with her colleagues.

On Sunday mornings, you can find her sipping her coffee from her favorite mug, because the mug matters, and snuggling with her kids. She also loves home décor magazines, food magazines, cooking with her husband and trying new foods. She reads all types of book genres, especially when they sweep her away into the thick of a good story. Christy is happiest with her family while enjoying life at her ‘happy place’; going to the lake and simply just being on the water.

When asked about her personal goals, she replied, “To accomplish making more time for myself and not feel guilty about it!”

Inspiring Moms

Working for a tax consultant agency, Alex’s WIT has her asking all the questions in order to get things done. She’s a problem solver, which is a must-have characteristic in today’s world.

She has two personal goals. One is to become a certified Professional in Human Resources. The other one is to do ten consecutive pushups. And to her I say, “Go for it! We believe in you.”


If you have not met this woman yet, you need to. Her genuine warmth touches the souls of those around her. She is as beautiful in front of the camera as the pictures she takes behind it. Her photography captures her clients’ inner hearts and outer beauty with just a snap. In a world where strength and resilience meet grace and compassion, there exists a remarkable woman. Without further ado, I introduce to you, Andy Fulfer Ward Gorrell.

What Will Your Seed Grow Into?

Casey Martin

Casey has lived in Kingston, OK for as long as I’ve known her. She’s a mother of four beautiful children, a teacher to the youngest kiddos at school,