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If you are looking for insights and inspiration from the world of business, you have come to the right place. Here you can find a collection of “glossy” back issues of Oklahoma WIT Magazine. You can view them online for free and read them at your convenience. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a student, or a curious reader, you will find something valuable and interesting in the pages of Oklahoma WIT. Browse through the list and discover new perspectives and ideas for your personal and professional growth.

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March/April 2024 Glossy – (Click here to view Digitally) – Women’s History Month, Trailblazers Unit: Stories of Grit & Grace, GRANTS – Unlock Your Business’s Potential, Boost Your Confidence With These Cool Moves, Mastering Trust: Secrets To Win Over Anyone, 10 Things Women Entrepreneurs Should Ditch, Reasons To Not Rely On Social Media Marketing, The Power of Outsourcing – Elevating Your Small Business, How To Delegate Tasks Effectively at Work and Home, Why We Love Success Stories at Oklahoma WIT, Should I Join the Chamber, #BusyMomHacks, Letting Go: How to Chill & Thrive, Success Stories: Kila Kinsey Hayes, Trina Bowers Williams, and Kelli Wright, Are You Busy Mom?, The Day We Left Behind, Author fo the Month: Brett Hayes, Master Your Metabolism, Naturally!, Sara’s Project – Let’s Heal Oklahoma, Celebrating Contributors, Amanda, Alexandra & Christy, Recipes, Reflections on International Women’s Day.


January/February 2024 Glossy – (Click here to view Digitally) – Live the Best Year of Your Life, 8 Tax-Saving Tips for Small Businesses, Savvy Women-Smart Money-Budget Like a Boss, Frugal Living Tip of the Month, Marketing Minute with Choctaw Website, How To Become an Agile Entrepreneur, Practical Steps to Define Business Goals, Building a Strong Personal Brand, Success Stories: Josie Farris McGowan, Debra Portman, Madison King, Breanna Hendricks and Toni Thomas, 12 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day, The Joy of Laughter, Nurturing Success, Setting Clear Business Goals for a Successful Year, Wonderfully Made Health Coach – Mary Whiteman Skaggs, Author of the Month: M. E. Whiteman, Short Story: When the Black Clouds Call For Me – Christy Bonfiglio, Obesity Influenced Health Issues, 10 Fun Activities to do with the Kids During Winter Months, Recipes, AI: Yay? Or Nay? Poem: The Bead of a Planet by Jarron Cantrell

November/December 2023 Glossy – (Click here to view) – Hope For Marshall County – Fill-The-Sleigh, 10 Major Reasons You Need a CPA, Wrapping Up the Year, Saving Money on Holiday Meals & Entertainment, Celebrating Christmas the Choctaw Way, Bring Your Family Closer Together, What’s the Skinny on Weight Loss Shots by Amanda Spencer, World Kindness Day, Author of the Month: Dawn Corbett & Carolyn Fajardo, A Sense of Community, Reflections by Kimberly Kuykendall Simmons, Preparing for a Loved One’s Funeral by Carolyn Fajardo, Cherishing the Season: Remembering Our Elderly Loved Ones, Recipe of the Month: Pineapple Upside Down Rum Cake

September/October 2023 Glossy – (Click here to view) – Oklahoma’s 2020 Teacher of the Year – Jena Nelson, Back-In-School, Money Management, Oklahoma County Seats Word Search, Author of the Month: Sandee Westmoreland, Skin Care, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Recipe: ‘Easy As Pie’ Cobbler, Elderly Care

July 2023 Glossy – (Click here to view) – Meet the Founders, #Busy Mom Hacks, Elderly Care, The Power of Frugality, Embracing “No” With Grace, Oklahoma County Word Search, Author of the Month: C.R. Pugh, Short Stories by Christy Bonfiglio, Alexandra Beaver, John O’Hanlon, Andy Fulfer Gorrell & Texomaland Food Pantry, Oklahoma Garden Expert Lajeanne Reid

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