“No-Cook” Nights: Introduce a weekly “no-cook” night where dinner is simple, no-fuss, and doesn’t involve cooking. Think sandwiches, salads, or even a fun picnic-style meal in the living room. It’s a creative way to take a break from the kitchen!

Theme Days: Assign each day of the week a theme like “Taco Tuesday” or “Wrap Wednesday.” This simplifies meal planning and grocery shopping, and everyone knows what to expect. It’s a fun way to add some predictability and variety to your meals.

Batch Tasking: Instead of multitasking, try batch tasking. Dedicate blocks of time to similar tasks. For example, set aside an hour for all phone calls or a morning for household errands. This approach can increase focus and efficiency, reducing the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions.

Swap Skills with Friends: Organize a skill swap with friends or neighbors. For example, if you’re great at baking but dread ironing, find a friend who doesn’t mind ironing but could use some homemade bread. It’s a win-win!

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